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Reblog if you’re an English/Creative Writing major or are going to be, and you are really sick and tired of people scoffing down their noses and asking what you plan to do with an English major as if it’s the most pointless thing in the world, when the truth is that they know nothing about it.


And to the ignorant scoffing-down-nose masses: highly competitive graduate programs such as law look for English majors, because of the strong analytical and critical thinking skills associated with it. English majors go on to working in publishing, public speaking, advocacy, activism, not-for-profit and corporate management, information technology, marketing, advertising, journalism, peace corps, government and political jobs, public services and relations, and yes, the stereotypical teaching positions in both public school and universities. So, you stereotype-rs who think that english is only good for being a high school English teacher, quit condescending on one of the most versatile majors out there.

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    English majors do it all. We can’t cut you open and fix your insides, or build a bomb or a craft that can take you to...
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